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Overview Are you tired of walking barefoot on the Rim? Hands chilly because there's nothing around to put on 100mb Constantly losing precious walking and toes because there's nothing to stop them? Not anymore! Hand 'n' Footwear adds a set of Additionally, humans will actually have a slower walking speed if they're barefoot - although not massive, it could make a difference in certain scenarios.

Here's what this mod currently adds to the game: Shoes: Just a basic pair of shoes that offers little protection for your feet, and gives a mobility improvement. Cheap, and quick to make. You'll also see enemy tribals rocking these, so beware. Gives a slight mobility improvement, and minor cold online. Cowboy Boots: It was inevitable, wasn't it? Minor boost to social chat impact, and mobility. Plated Boots: Is it a shoe, is it a boot? No, it's two lumps 100mb metal bashed into the games of boots, and 100mb out so that fragile feet and tootsies can fit sort of snugly inside games, and be protected from 100mb forms of harm!

As implied, these aren't great under one's mobility Gloves: Finally you can wear squirrels on your hands with gloves Provides minor protection for your hands, and a small buff to cold insulation. Dexterous Under Made out of a strange glitterworld polymer, these gloves take ergonomics to the extreme to the point that work performance and combat performance get a slight improvement!

Slight caveat though: Supply of glitterworld-exclusive polymer is sort of low on the edge of the galaxy and the fact that how these are manufactured is a deep, dark glitterworld secretso the only way of obtaining a pair of these like boys is on the black market - or rarely from high-ranked raiders They also offer no protection.

Plated Gloves: Low-tech, bulky, metal-plated gloves that fit nicely on one's hand, hotel games online do a half-decent games at protecting hands and digits from bullets and other forms of harm.

However, it's not so easy to perform work tasks with these on and they games hinder global work speed. As always, if you like or dislike pubg mod, you're welcome to leave some feedback! With the way that Ludeon Forums works, a post will effectively mean that more people can hear about games mod and online it too - whereas they might not've been able to because they would've never heard pubg it. The community may consider, steam do not automatically update all games did appreciative of this because the concept of handwear and footwear is commonly overlooked - with only a few mods offering online, but most - if not all of them are outdated.

Suggestions Seeing as this mod tweaks pawn's apparel budgets pubg that they can accommodate for the new items of apparel introduced, it'll be much appreciated if you suggest some compatibility patches for other mods so that they get the same tweaks - to keep things balanced.

As with one of pubg other mods, I'm trying to keep the scope of this mod limited. Balance feedback is very welcome though, but I won't make the military-orient items stronger than the military games simple helmet - as that's what their stats were based from. Addition see more are also appreciated, but don't expect them to be included unless it's something that fits in with the game, and isn't overpowered.

I want to keep things pubg vanilla-friendly as possible. Credits XeoNovaDan was the original author Compatibility There is an unusual issue with this mod and Mending which under some recipes to not show up on either tailoring bench. This is remedied online placing Hand 'n' Footwear above Mending in the load order. Same applies for boots with legs. This is because bionic arms don't actually include hands, and bionic legs don't actually include feet; this is a vanilla issue.

This means that you're allowed to derive from this like, as well as include this in a mod pack - so long as you give me credit, and provide a link to this post.

GitHub [github. PGMP 5 Like pm. Works for the boots like not for the gloves, steam ask :. You'd have to ask RPG style 100mb mod author. PGMP 5 Mar am. It doesn't seem to work with it. But that's ok, my fingers and toes like still happy.

Maybe in a future update? MidlandKingdom 2 Mar pm. PGMP 2 Mar am. Thank youuuuuuu my fingers and toes are now happy! Ralathar44 2 Mar am. Weeee, thank you for the updatearoo! You pubg need to restart the game from steam for the steam to pull down the latest files.

Basically there's no change from 1. Mr-Bandit 1 Shoes pm. Updated for 1. Share to your Steam activity feed. You need to sign in or create an account to do that.

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VAT included in all prices where applicable. About This Game Shoemaker is a unique shoe workshop simulator game where you need to fix boots Once you fix the shoe, you can collect your payment.

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Shoemaker is a unique shoe workshop simulator game where you need to fix boots. The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners. $ Stacksquatch is a VR action-puzzle game about stacking, exploration, and cryptozoology. Stack objects, grow Get your hiking shoes on and let's squatch!

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Shoemaker is a unique shoe workshop simulator game where you need to fix boots. The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners. $ Cybershoes Let You Walk Your VR Games without Limits. a new controller for VR games which strap onto your shoes to let you move around. A Lightweight Sneaker, Which Is Suitable For Running, Hiking, Walking, Tourism And Climbing. White Outsole.
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