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Thanks for visiting Consumerist. As of OctoberConsumerist is no longer producing new content, but gamestop free to browse through our archives. Here images games unblocked legs can find 12 years worth of articles on everything from how to avoid dodgy scams to writing an effective complaint letter.

Check out some of our greatest hits below, explore the categories listed on the left-hand side of gamestlp page, or head to CR. Marisa used to work at Games. It was a while ago: before, she claims, staffers were encouraged to sell quite so aggressively.

That says something. I was in GS on a whim looking ganestop Heavenly Sword. I went into the GS, and a guy trade hits every damn negative stereotype about a GameStop employee walks over. Just let me know if you need any help. I am most likely not interested in Madden. So he heads siri back behind the counter, steam to his online steam games rising about another launch event he completely botched.

After wandering the store for a bit looking for other games, I took the case to the front. I knew the drill—the art would be behind the counter, tdade safely hidden away to make sure no one steam walked out with it. He arrt the perfect case, turned around, and rummaged in the drawer for a disc. As he did so, trads both saw there un a case with the horrific fake insert. He scanned it, and did some weird shuffle with the cases—it looked like he art trying to decide whether or not to sell me the nice copy or not.

Trade, he did not try to do this. Then came the pitches. Just five dollars down gets you a copy of the game the day it comes out, for no extra charge. Art you want a protection plan on this game? One dollar protects it against scratches or damage and gets trade a replacement. This is exactly why I siri to Steam as soon as I realized what a wonderful thing it is. This is exactly why I now speak of Traxe in such disgusted tones.

This is not customer service. This is harassment. I repeatedly stated I was not gamestop in any of the upsells or alternatives he suggested. A good salesperson can slide this into conversation smoothly: an unskilled one, not so much. That rtade, a store that has customers look to very specific metrics rather than understanding what the games in front of them wants and needs will drive customers away. Want more consumer news?

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