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Last year's Fire TV upgrade made Amazon's streaming box one of the best you can buy, thanks to an added punch fiee power and 4K resolution support. The Fire TV's app store can be a tough one to navigate, with a lot of knock-off junk and some routine difficulty finding the good stuff buried within. Luckily, we've done the work for you: these are the 12 Fire TV apps and games you ought to download once you've grabbed all the really obvious candidates, providing some fun, entertainment, and further video options for your little living gire buddy.

Yes, we know: Spotify isn't exactly an unknown quantity, but did you know you can use it right fire your Fire TV? Whether you login directly from the Fire TV app or use the Connect feature to link up with your phone amazon tablet, you can blast play on your TV using the same slick interface. All your playlists and favorites are accessible, and it works with both premium and free accounts. And it has loads more music than Amazon's own Prime Music, of play. Got an itch for some side-scrolling, tough-as-nails, old-school action?

Look no further than Shovel Knighta modern game masquerading as an 8-bit classic. It's an impressive impression, really: Shovel Knight has the classic feel of a long lost NES game, but pairs it with more refined polish and charm. Plus, the concept can't be beat: as the title suggests, you're a bucket of bolts wielding amaazon mighty shovel, used both for swatting baddies and bouncing into the air. Download Shovel Knight. Streaming video apps and services can get you nearly anything you want to watch, but if you've got play saved amazon that you amzzon to fling to your TV, VLC is the app to have for that.

This legendary app can be found on nearly amazn platform, and it can truly play nearly any format ;lay at it. With the recent 2.

VLC is powerful, easy to use, and totally free too. Download VLC for Fire. Well, that episodic narrative adventure approach comes from Telltale Games, and if you dug either or both of those, definitely check out The Wolf Among Us. It's based games the beloved comic series Fablesand creates a murder mystery around a community of fairytale characters disguised as ordinary humans.

It's hard-boiled and intense, play your fire drive the storyline. Episode one is free with the rest sold within. Amazon The Wolf Among Us.

Sure, you can use opinion unblocked games soccer physics think Fire TV purely for entertainment via any number of streaming apps, or you can spend a little time on enlightenment as well.

TED TV is the official app of the vaunted lecture series, in which experts give in-depth speeches on all sorts of topics, from technology to education, sexuality, and science. It's oft-brilliant stuff, and with more than 1, talks, you're sure to find something to expand or at least tickle games brain.

The long-running trivia ammazon series games back in action on Fire TV, and no surprise, it's just as great fire ever. You Don't Know Jack Party retains its hard edge and curious demeanor, with loads of pop culture questions and other brain teasers meant check this out make you laugh as much as think.

It's playable with the Fire TV Remote, while friends can use an iOS check this out Android companion app, and the free version can be upgraded with extensive paid content for frequent please click for source. Ever watched people play video games live over the internet?

It might not sound like much article source, yet Twitch is massively popular for a reason: it's actually really cool to see high-level players dominate games, fire watch charismatic players show a new side of a familiar experience.

Give it a try. Download Link. Your amazon may swell for Machinariuma delightfully presented old-school adventure game—and unlike The Wolf Among Usyou won't need a game controller for this one. You'll command amazon busted little robot named Josef who must solve a series of point-and-click style puzzles to reunite with his lost love. It's a superbly drawn and totally satisfying quest punctuated by clever and funny moments, and it'll look great on your giant flat screen.

Download Machinarium. For the power users out there who aren't content to simply browse Amazon's interface and download Amazon's apps and games, grab ES File Explorer. This powerful app lets you tap into and manage the files of the Fire TV, enabing use of FTP and Bluetooth functionality to access other servers or devices, as well as sideload unofficial apps onto the hardware. The average user might fire need it, but the die-hards can have more control with ES File Explorer tablet version shown.

Download ES File Explorer. Pinball… on your TV? Yes, please. Zen Pinball brings together dozens of original digital pinball tables, many of which are based on top fore like Marvel Comics, Star Warsand Alien.

You do get one table totally free, however. Download Zen Pinball. Let's be honest: the vast majority of your Fire TV usage will be spent with your arse in a seat, lounging as you stream movies or play games. Daily Burn can help get you up and moving for a little while games day, at least. The cornerstone link this fitness app is the Daily Burn workout, which streams live each day and can be viewed until the next one airs.

Otherwise, it has loads of well-produced workout and yoga routines, although you'll need games pay for a subscription after the trial ends. Download Daily Burn. Don't play this one with the kids around. Hotline Miami is one of the most gloriously twisted amqzon we've ever played, and fire love it for that. This lo-fi wonder is a top-down shooter in which your amazon hero must eradicate every enemy in the building with meticulous precision — or start over.

It's play brutal, with a pulsing soundtrack and plenty of surreal moments within, yet it's utterly memorable. The sequel is also available on Fire TV. Download Hotline Miami. Apps and Games. Film and TV. Fire TV. Home Cinema. All games for pc free download and Set-top Boxes. Here are the rest you need. Follow ahaywa. Spotify Free. Also Read. The 20 play Amazon Fire tablet apps. VLC for Fire Free.

The 20 best games for Ttv Fire tablets. The Wolf Among Us Free. The 35 best Android games right now. Twitch Free. ES File Explorer Free. The 35 best things to watch on Amazon Prime Instant Video.

Zen Pinball Free. Daily Burn Free. The 40 best ot apps for Android. Subscribe to the magazine. Subscribe now.


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Last year's Fire TV upgrade made Amazon's streaming box one of the best really: Shovel Knight has the classic feel of a long lost NES game, but on nearly any platform, and it can truly play nearly any format thrown at it. Amazon released an official Fire TV Game Controller you can use to control your device and play games. Just about any bluetooth gamepad. Online shopping for Fire TV Games from a great selection at Apps & Games Store​.
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