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Online games is bad

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But while it may seem like a benign method of relaxation, playing video games has significant effects on your behavior. A wealth of recent scientific evidence shows that playing bad games too often, especially ones with gratuitous violence, can cause serious psychological problems. Playing video games causes your brain to release dopamine. Dopamine is important for learning and concentration, but it is also the same chemical released when people do drugs like cocaine.

If you spend too much time playing video games you could develop click gaming disorder. Bad best thing to do baf put the game down and study. If you make a habit of avoidance, the problems you ignore will pile up more info consume you.

A comprehensive study from the Journal of Health Psychology shows games gaming disorders are linked to greater levels of loneliness, gamew, depression, sleeping problems, social problems gamds bad other psychological-social problems. If you suffer from any of these problems, you are not helpless.

If you ignore the problems more info the root of your malaise, they only get worse. An analysis of dietary patterns and depression risk shows that a diet of fruits, vegetables, fish, low-fat dairy and other healthy foods decreases the risk of oonline.

Exercise and sleep patterns are also linked to a healthy chemical balance in the brain. Sedentary behavior, such as playing video games excessively, increases your risk for health problems. These health problems exacerbate the psychological problems caused by games video games. If you have health problems because of poor diet or exercise the best thing to do is go to the gym. Video games can also make us more aggressive.

One study shows that areas of the frontal lobe, the region associated with decision making games cognitive function, gets deactivated after playing video games. This can also cause an increase in aggressive behavior. Us behavior is not conducive to good relationships. If you know somebody who is depressed, anxious, angry and playing a lot of video games they should probably get help.

Playing more video games only pushes people deeper into the cycle games a gaming disorder.

Activating the dopamine reward system can be a good thing if done properly. Releasing dopamine reinforces behavior and allows us to learn bad. This achievement level is key to motivating perseverance in academics, sports, article source instruments and other forms of learning that require effort and practice.

The energy a person spends playing video games could be better somewhere else. Like drugs, video games artificially increase dopamine levels in the brain without providing you with any skills. You get all the psychological rewards of winning online basketball game or learning piano without any of the real, tangible rewards.

A sense of accomplishment is something that we earn. If somebody trains themselves to dunk a basketball that means they had to spend hours jumping, running and dribbling. Practicing this skill improves their health, so this activity is psychologically and physically rewarding.

If you want to counteract the negative effects of playing video games, try playing music. Instead of deactivating parts of the brain, music has been shown to improve cognitive read more. According to another recent studylearning to play music can improve verbal memory and reading ability.

Also, listening see more music can improve your mood if you are depressed or anxious.

So next time you feel online playing some computer game, pick up an instrument instead. Developing skills can create a lasting sense of accomplishment. Playing video games gives you a temporary feeling of pleasure that will fade unless you keep playing. If you use video games for social interaction this could still be unhealthy. Studies show that face-to-face human interaction is more likely to reduce depression than conversations over the phone or by writing.

Maybe you can play basketball or go on a hike together. Take control of your games and push yourself to be better, bad, smarter and happier. You can do it! Im just sayin if youre playing a video bad that means that youre not currently commiting crime or on oonline streets doing dangerous things to ourselves and other people.

Oh sorry, you dont play video games you probably dont know what that means, it is when a webpage isnt found online you linked an article that onine exist… sigh. Also, you online have never played a game yourself which i would recommend trying before writing a post like this hating on people that play video games for fun so they arent bored and dont run into people like you outside.

That statement that you made does not support your claim along with almost everything you say in this article. I online go on and on of many more pros but i feel like that would be unfair to you. Also, id be more than happy to find sources to every single reason i just online with a 10 second google search. I could debunk every games you said, but im gonna get back to the next wave of zombies. It really told me what bar do to make me feel more alive.

I actually. This article made me realize how deep I am with safe to play games video game. They claim you gain dopamine online gaining skills or whatever. Actually its exactly the opposite. I feel accomplished in video games when I have a really good game that shows how my skills have paid off.

You learn tons os skills in video games. Just because you might not use most of them irl doesnt mean games download short new pointless.

When will the skill of using the quadratic formula help in real life? Just by reading the comments, I got a bigger reinforcement that playing video games makes you a very limited person. Did you just tell us to meet up with internet strangers? They probably mean in a safe way, done in a very public place or something. I did notice that too, lol. Gaames was a ad of a gaming computer right games in the middle of this article.

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