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Have students try these activities to expand games knowledge and interest in the Maya. Social Studies, Art, Language Arts. To familiarize students with where Maya livedhave them first locate Central America on for map or globe.

Provide students with blank maps of Central America or have them draw their own maps. Students can then fill in the names kids all the countries, their capitals, mountain ranges, major rivers, first the bodies of water surrounding Central America.

Each student should then select one country in Central America and research the first population, crops, important products exported, and so on. Have students try their hand at creating hieroglyphs of their own. Students can then give themselves appropriate Maya-like nicknames that can be shown in picture form, such as Jeweled Skull or Jaguar. They can draw the hieroglyphic and show the class, explaining why they selected their nickname. Students should then use pictures to make a sentence and create a key showing what each hieroglyph means.

Have play trade papers and keys and try to decipher the sentences. Have students compare what they wrote. Then write a number using the Maya method and challenge students to determine what the number is. Encourage students to challenge each other with similar problems.

Have students research maya make a class list of how long it takes other planets to travel around the sun. Have students develop questions they want to know about the Nobel Peace Prize. List the questions on the board.

For example, students may want games know what the prize is for, when it was first awarded, who awards the prize, who has received the award and why, and what the actual prize looks like. Then students can research the answers. Ask students to discuss some current people who they feel deserve the award. Secure Server - We value your privacy.

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