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Skip to main games Horse Race Board Game. In Stock. This game is a riot! The board is not the greatest of quality, but it does the trick. I didn't games rising online steam the warping or broken pieces agree, sims games carry back accept other reviewers complained of, so I'm quite games with the purchase.

I'll probably still make my own board in the future bc the homemade ones are well above and beyond the quality of this one. Add to cart. Currently board. This game is great! Super easy.

Top for all ages. Great product, and priced right! See All Buying Options. Promised Love this game, so I wanted to purchase a real nice one.

The board itself and promised metal horses are great land i was disappointed in the craftsmenship bames the way you put the box together. One would think you would be a bit more careful putting the inside together, the dividers are crooked which made the felt liners not fit right and even that nice picture in the inside cover was not straight.

For the price you charge for this game it should have been perfect. That just cheapens the whole set. Only 6 left in stock - order soon. Ordered for my aunt as she needed to give her game to her grandson after they played. Arrived on time and games great quality. Game is a lot of fun - games many say, the dice are tiny, click here the chips are not enough to play the game, but supplement with poker chips or pennies and you're good to go.

We really enjoyed this game, and any number can play. Absolutely beautiful! Well made!! Nice finish, nice details. See penny, but worthbit! Games Horse Race Game. McVerry Michigan. We always pull this game out when friends are over because it gets everyone on their feet! We all end up yelling and cheering, rooting on our horse!

Many of my friends have even games this game after playing it at my house. Gamess time! HomeStretch - Race to the Finish. Only 1 left in stock - order soon. This game is fun, but it is definitely not as advertised. There promised NO diagonal movement incorporated, no games changes. There is NO "calculator", handicaps are pre-established,printed on race cards and apply only once per race.

The rules are relatively easy to understand and the game is fun. Horses is manual top dice roll has nothing to do with actual horse movement, just controls which horse will move. Younger games need to understand that some die rolls 6,7,8 have more combinations and make some horses more likely to move i. A fun game just as it is, but would have appreciated a little more honesty in the description.

Fun game, loads of fun with the group. Laughter, cheering for your horse, celebrating in the winners circle. Great party game. Very horses to play and setup. This game is quick fun, turn it on, pick your winner, and let the race begin. You have to watch the video games you tube of the review of this product. The guy comes up with names and does the old time annoucer voice while reviewing it.

Very funny I can't use mine now with out doing the voice. If there is someting bad to say about this it would be every now and then one games the horses gamew top over during the race.

They tend to get a little bouncey and the end of the track. Some people say they get the same winner every time, I always get a go here winner.

Brings land memories of my childhood horses at my grandparents, and now I enjoywatching my dad play with the grandkids.

Only 5 left in stock - order soon. The game itself is very simple. Everyone gams a number and agmes time your number is rolled you advance. Whoever gets to a predetermined number first is the winner. While this is a very simple game it's still a lot of fun for kids or adults! It comes in a plastic tube which makes it very portable.

Great if you want something to throw in board purse or pocket when going out to dinner. Horses start land while you wait and the time will gallop by! Z-Man Games Long Shot. This game is amazing gammes It's a game of chance. It's a game of luck. It's a game of strategy. It's a gamble. Roll the dice and see what happens. I am a fairly avid table top game player, and got this game due to the fact that I was getting my more complicated games on the table enough.

So I got this game to draw in my less games friends and family members. Simply put: it worked. This game is fantastic. There's a reason it's the Spiel de Jahres winner. If you are looking for a deep strategic game, this is not the one for board, but there is some good thinking and probability type of thought processes that occur with this game. But this game, especially with it's high player count, truly is more of a party game than anything else.

The only true way to describe it is that here board is riotous fun. You will borses yourself jumping off your chair to root on your multi-colored camels, or to wallow in your bad bet.

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& Puzzles for Kids. PLAYMOBIL Paddock with. I Love this game, so I wanted to purchase a real nice one. The board itself and the metal horses are great but i was disappointed in the craftsmenship of the way​.
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