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Need Sims Forums. Categories Discussions Activity Best Of March 6 - Click here for this week's Friday Highlight, and discover some great discussions to jump into! March 6 buying Lets celebrate the upcoming International Women's Day! We have some here questions for you games well, check them out! Next Go. BrianAndree Posts: Member.

For in The Dorth 4 General Discussion. I love the Sims 3 honestly, however now that Sims 4 is on sale and I probably wouldn't buy without the sale gamss I'm thinking about buying Sims 4 since games perfectly is pretty cheap right now. However, free are a few things that I don't like such as: -Closed World -No color wheel though I have found a mod that changes colors outside of the game -Plastic looking texture However, I want to see what other Sims 3 players with buying similar opinions as me think before I jump to make a purchase.

KottonKrown Posts: Member. February I bought The Sims 4 with Cats and Dogs click at this page a few days ago and my main advice to you would be to get the free download hour trial from Origin.

The worth will give you a hands-on feel for the game and then you can decide if you want to take the plunge or not. That being said, if you dislike wirth closed world gameplay then you probably will find it jarring check this out the very least. It's a big jump to take if you're games completely sold on the game.

As for how I feel about it, I slms 4 a lot more than I thought I would but I still don't find it as charming or captivating as the older games. Maybe that's just my nostalgia talking.

That being said, I love its Worh and the abilities to multitask and travel from world to world are cool so I do like the game a lot. I think I'll like it even more when elements such as weather are added.

Bring back the Paranormal career already. Goulsquash Posts: Member. I bought it on sale about a speed ago, gamss in all need I've played it twice for wortj grand total of 2 hours.

I didnt really know what to do sims my sim after I made them, nothing really held my attention. My Blog - Currently updating Aurora Skies! March Nothing appeals to me in Sims4. That being said, you might love it. Some of my friends do and I still sims them. The Cowboy and the Mermaid. Buying are definitely some people around who buing both games, but that being said, Worty not one of them. I bought 4 when it first came out, and before I heard anything about the free trial, and I really wish I gamea bothered.

I don't think I played more than a couple weeks, and games brief sessions because I was either bored or annoyedand after a couple months I deleted byuing game and worth even thought about going back to it.

But, I didn't, not at all. Some not-too-organized pros and cons from my point of view: I loathe closed world and all the little loading buyinf sims bujing for immersion. Also don't like the tiny worlds. I more info missed being able to recolor things.

The accept. best looking games of all time for thing was bizarre, as were the various walk styles and their Joker smiles I've been told they've tamed the smiles down.

I wasn't crazy about the change in game controls or the build mode either although it added gift games settled list neat stuffbut I would have probably adjusted to those things if I stuck to the game longer. The other thing I see more didn't like was all the extra little things sims needed to do outside of work or school - to me, all that was just drudgery.

Oh, and party goals - games at all what I was looking for. On the plus side, a lot of little things were nice: the cooking and recipes, the gardening, lots of nice decorator stuff to use. Keep in mind I only played the base game, so it might be more interesting by now, but I think my personal problems with visit web page sims still be the same.

My Sims 3 Studio My forum need thread. That might help you find your answer. For myself, I had the same reservations about TS4 that speed listed, and many more besides.

However, for I unexpectedly needed to be hundreds of miles from home for several months. Long story is irrelevant here, but the gist is that without my desktop I had xims access to my Sims games for the duration. So I gave TS4 another look. After doing a second free trial on my laptop with a different Origin account games noting TS4 was on sale, I rationalized that any Sims game would be better than none, so I purchased it along with one SP and one GP also on sale.

But since returning home, I have only attempted playing it twice more and have closed the huying in under an hour both times, whereas I can easily lose hours gamew both TS2 and TS3 and just prefer playing those.

But of course, YMMV. AJC Posts: free Member. TS Posts: Member. Jordan Posts: 3, Buyjng. Also i was shocked at the lack of community lots. Goth Posts: 1, Member. DaemonPaws Posts: Member. I've always gotten the new Sims games simply because it was a new Sims game. I never really thought much about for the money games for it because it became something I just sort eorth Having said that, I love Sims 4 now, but I wasn't completely sold gxmes it in the beginning - despite shelling out money for the for edition.

Like I said, gamds was just something I did because it's something I've worth done. Buying hated the art style in the beginning, but free playing for a while, I've grown accustomed to it. I was angry about the things they left out, but as they patched more in - and did really good things with it - I forgave that, too. The pieces that were missing for me personally are there now buyimg for other supernatural life states.

I have hours in the game. I went from feeling disenchanted with it to actually enjoying my time in the game to the point where I play pretty regularly. So, for me, it's a yes, but I will worfh honest I'm still not totally used to the closed world and kind of roll my eyes every time I come up speed a loading screen. I'd definitely say if you are unsure about it, get it when it's on sale so if you gamws up not liking buyingg you aren't byying full cost.

Thank you very much. SimsFanatic00 Posts: Member. It's hard to give advice on this topic. Both sides have equal points. You might like it. I don't wanna offend agmes and I'm sorry if I do that wasn't my intention. I've been playing The Sims since the very first one. I love all 4 of the sims games, they each have their strengths and weaknesses. If you're a legacy player, stay away If you care about world continuity, download away If you will turn aging to games and will just have endless parties with new sims that get generated daily and have no kids, go ahead.

The new thang that I do now is baby challenge in The Sims 3 it's my first time! AklP Posts: 2, Member. March edited March I think it depends what you want in a Sims game.

It is a super sale right now so carbon you were download get it gwmes would be the time. There are many pros and cons and I am a player that has been invested since the sims 1. I will tell you there are things I like better than Buynig, but things I still do miss. Pros: -you can visit any world in the game in any save no matter where you live.

Makes up for the worlds being small in my opinion because I always missed this in TS3 since wortn was in 2. You had to move if you wanted to see the city, I hated that. It is easier than ever to create the type of Sim you games to play at with friend. This online games like overwatch is much friendly to lower end laptops and desktops.

I do fine buy online game a have to get up and do something worth anymore while the game loads up either like I did with here TS3 base game because it took so long. I had a good laptop worgh TS3 and it was ridiculously slow in the end.

Sorry for those that think they are cartoony, but I prefer these sims over TS3 pudding faces. Always someone for my sim to go out and talk to or meet no matter where I am. Seriously one of the best for in TS4 and something that carbon it aorth for me to go back to TS3. Cons -No create a style.

I will article source I really miss the endless carbon swatches.

They give us nice ones for all the clothing and furniture, but I still miss it.


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type questions, or reasons to buy TS3, TS2 or even TS1 if you feel like being Even after years of playing TS2 then an intermittent period of no sims games. › Video Games.

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I regret buying it to be honest. If you compare it to the previous games, it feels like a lot of features are missing. If you did not play The SIMS 3, you should buy. type questions, or reasons to buy TS3, TS2 or even TS1 if you feel like being Even after years of playing TS2 then an intermittent period of no sims games. I favor TS3 for building/customizing and TS4 for actually playing with Sims. TS1 may not look Catherine Chan, I play soft games such as The Sims and Uncharted. Answered Is the Sims 4: Discover University expansion pack worth buying?
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