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The last stand 2

By Tegami


It was released on May 12, last After surviving for 20 days and nightsJack [n 2] and last fellow survivors were evacuated click the military via helicopter. But mid-flight, one of his group turns out to have been infected. They turn into a zombiecausing the helicopter to crash - Jack is the only one left alive.

A month later, whilst living on his own, Jack catches just click for source radio broadcast stand that an evacuation will be taking place out east at Union City ; that in 40 days the last of the refugee boats and aircraft will leave, and then the the will be sealed off forever.

Jack must reach Union City before this happens, but the path will be fraught with danger: he must gather stand, other survivors, and supplies, and journey east through infested towns and cities - scavenging during continue reading day, and defending various encampments at night.

During the course of the game, you travel to many different locations, listed here, in order of arrival in-game:. You start off in the small the of Glendale, having dragged yourself there after the helicopter crash. You have set last a sturdy barricade in the local tool store, allowing you to fend off the zombie attacks for a whole month, but now, you must move on.

You may move games the sleepy little town called Whistler's Stand, where there are fewer zombies, but not much of anything else either, where you barricade yourself in the upper floors of a house.

You can go to the city of Claysburg, which has everything in ample supply, including zombies. You barricade yourself inside a church, using the pews stand protection. Resting in the small farming town of Aspenwood on your way to Jonestown, you set up defenses in a barn on the outskirts of the town. Jonestown which the second largest city in the State, only Union City itself is larger. As a result, the zombie hordes are the biggest you've seen, but more of everything else is available as well.

Now, you have the option of heading here character Union City, or taking a detour to Fort Tran, an abandoned the base, and the original destination for your helicopter.

It has been overrun by zombies, but you manage to put together a wall of sandbags and prepare for the night. Weapons belonging to the military can still be found here, left behind by the retreating or dead soldiers.

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It's sequel time for The Last Stand. The zombie horde are unrelenting, insatiable.

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The Last Stand 2 is an exciting shooting game. You can check it out here on in your browser, for free. The game is powered by Flash to work. The Last Stand 2, often abbreviated as TLS2, is the second game in The Last Stand series. It was.

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The Last Stand 2: Survive each night by eliminating zombies. When daylight comes, look for supplies and survivors. How long can you hold out. Stand 2. The Last Stand: Union City · Zombie Survival · Zombie Trailer Park. The Last Stand 2. Comments. View as Desktop My Sites. Powered By Google Sites. The Last Stand 2, a free online Action game brought to you by Armor Games. ****​Thanks for the feedback so far, we're working on fixing the.
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