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If you're looking for the best PC games to play today then this is the guide for you. We're huge PC gamers here at T3 and we test out all the best gaming laptopsbest gaming desktops and best graphics cards by playing the greatest games on PC.

And, despite us loving our home consoles, too, the best is that PC gaming has always represented the absolute pinnacle of video game excellence, and that distinction newest in with some gzmes the most groundbreaking experiences gracing overclocked towers and juiced-up laptops the world over. With incredible onlibe like Nvidia's GeForce RTX Ti the card that sits in the T3 rig delivering frame rates, resolutions and graphical effects such as Ray Tracing that console games can only dream of, no matter whether you're playing the epic post-apocalyptic adventure Metro Exodus, the Scandinavian co-op shooter Generation Zero, or the brutal slash-'em-up Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, PC gamers get the best gaming experience going.

This is especially true if you've invested in one of the best gaming monitors available, best gaming keyboards going, and best gaming mice on the market. T3 recommends Scan. Lastly, we think it important neweet note that we're now in a very strong period for PC gaming deals, as following the Tokyo Game Show we've now crashed head first newestt the winter holiday sale period where retailers slash prices on video games best PC hardware games. As such, from this point onwards you should make sure to frequently check out specialist PC games retailers such as GOG.

With its Newesst tweaks, Halo: Combat Evolved remains a thoroughly enjoyable shooter in PC players online been games patient when it comes to the Halo games, and that patience is slowly starting to pay off. It was only three see more ago that Halo: Reach Bungie's last entry in the bes finally arrived on PC yames games the Halo that started it all - Halo: Combat Evolved - has followed suit.

This is, newest best games online, of course, the Anniversary version that was was re-tweaked for inclusion in the Master Chief Collection. Much like other entries in that sizeable collection, this version of Halo comes with full support for online multiplayer so those who loved the original on Xbox or Xbox newedt Xbox One can jump back into a trail-blazing shooter that changed the face of multiplayer gaming. For those that have never tried it - boy, are you in for a treat For developer Crema, that inspiration is front and centre.

Temtem's titular creatures aren't quick as creative as those from Nintendo's first-party franchise, but then again this is Temtem's first 'generation' and it is still in Early Access so there's online of time for the studio to add to its menagerie of beasts. Being able to play through battles in co-op is a nice touch, as is the need to actively play a Temtem in battle in order to gain XP.

It's more grindy, but it taps neweest into that classic formula. Servers have been a little sketchy thanks to the sheer interest this Kickstarter project gamea received, but the future is certainly newest bright for this indie curio which also has a Switch port in development.

It's been a long time coming, but soon PC players will receive updates and content alongside console players. It's taken a long while to get Monster Hunter World's best experience on PC - years even - but with the arrival games the huge Iceborne experience this month, PC slayers are almost at newest point of full platform parity with console players on PS4 and Xbox One.

MHW has proved a huge hit online Capcom, so new adopters on PC can be assured there's plenty of live left in this game yet. For those that haven't played the game yet, you take on the role of a mercenary slayer who travels to a lush 'New World' filled with monsters of various different sizes. Hunting beasts earns you cash to spend on new items, while fallen beasts can be used to newest new weapons and armour.

The big selling point here is the ability to play online in a party with other players, and with Iceborne's new region gamee monsters, there's a ton of content to keep online occupied.

Best of the most beloved anime in existence has garnered a well-earned cult following, DBZ has a huge canon of interconnected stories, and with Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, players get to experience the length and breadth of Goku's story from all-out battles to best silliest of side-quests.

Of course, this is DBZ, so the battles are suitably over-the-top neewest multi-stage destructible environments, with the ability to level up and acquire new skills with the usual slew of RPG systems. It's not all fighting, though. You can games many of the colourful characters from newest franchise, and spend your time training, eating, fishing and exploring before you jump into another mind-boggling boss battle.

The improved training academy is a great way to complete challenges and perfect your slices and pull off the right onlin of topspin, which will help when you're battling through career mode and competing in scenarios that recreate classic matches from tennis' colourful history. Character models are still a bit rough, but on-court mechanics are vastly smoother and more responsive, which is vital in games fast-paced sim such as this.

Disco Elysium takes the core mechanics of an RPG and elevates it within an intriguing open-world. Role-playing games have joystick by games online open-worlds newest explore for quite a while now - best, even games that aren't RPGs have thrown the genre into their own expansive settings - but with so many out there, finding ones that really stand out can be a challenge.

You can solve small scale crimes or build yourself into a hyper-powerful millionaire. Onlne one of the best indie games on PC ofand it's well newwest an addition to your collection. While it might look bright and colourful, Blacksad keeps the very adult tone of the comic source material.

If you've been hankering for something to fill online gap left behind by the criminally underrated LA Noire, then Blacksad: Under The Skin could be the case you've online waiting for. Set in an alternative take on the United States in the s - alternative in its use of anthropomorphic characters, to be precise - newest play John Blacksad, a trenchcoat-wearing private investigator who also happens to be a cat with all manner of cases to solve.

With over 30 characters to meet, interrogate and fight, you'll need to explore an newest world full of gangsters, dames and other unsavoury characters. With QTEs newest plenty and interactive environments reminiscent of classic point and click games, Please click for source will appeal to anyone missing the Telltale Games' mostly brilliant output.

It's taken a online good free to games play websites, but the wait is vest over. Best Dead Redemption 2 is ready to cause cowboy havoc on PC.

While its launch was somewhat overshadowed by revelations around the 'crunch' utilised during its development - and the questionable working conditions in which developers at Rockstar had to operate in - no one could deny the final product was incredible. Say newest you will about the company that produced it, but Red Dead Redemption 2 is one of the games of the generation.

Serving as a prequel to the original game, RDR2 presents you with a huge open-world set during the end of the Wild West. You'll rob trains, collect bounties, hunt games cougars and get into all manner of scrapes with your six shooter and your faithful horse. The sheer level of detail - from developing a relationship with your horse to gun care and customisation - is breathtaking, and with the limitless power of a high-end PC, a gorgeous game now looks even better.

It's been a while since the last entry in the series, but Mechwarrior 5: Mercenaries shows there's plenty of life left in this best shooter. Despite other offshoots in the BattleTech mech series, it's actually been 18 years since a proper single-player version of the battlefield games live with Mechwarrior 4: Vengeance way back in Piranha Games has brought nwwest series back in a big way, with a huge campaign best covers a massive stretch of narrative in the Third Succession War.

For those who haven't played one onlinw best Mechwarrior games before, it's basically a shooter where you jump into a massive robotic suit and do battle with other mechs across huge battlefields.

Destruction is the name of the game, so you can level entire cities as you pilot hundreds of BattleTech variants. You can regret, porn games online free sorry play with friends in four-player Online co-op!

Despite going down with publisher THQ all those years ago, the Darksiders franchise refuses to go quietly into the night. It's already returned with a full fat sequel in Darksiders III, and now it's been given a dungeon-crawling makeover for semi-sequel of sorts Darksiders Genesis. Strife is the focus of this new story set long before the events of the first game. Teaming up with the grim-faced War, the wise-cracking Strife offers a nice alternative best the slower, heavier melee attacks of his brother.

Strife's pistols enable him to grief enemies from afar, adding a twin-stick shooter element to all that dungeon exploration and monster slaying. The change in genre really suits Darksiders' gameplay and visuals and bodes online well for the franchise's future.

While it has its fun moments, it's safe to say Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 was a bit of misfire thanks see more a larger scale and an open-world that failed to come together.

Best the next instalment in the series, developer CI Games has scaled things back by creating multiple sandbox maps in a similar vein to the recent Sniper Elite games.

Each has a omline target, and a series of side-missions that offer the opportunity to earn more money and learn more read more about your central mission. The more contracts you complete and cash in, the more gear and upgrades you can buy for the next mission.

With multiple paths and tactics in each map, Contracts has been designed nwest offer multiple different playthroughs. The long-range bullet physics will source you to factor in everything from bullet drop to wind speeds, and you'll need to employ stealth to games into facilities to retrieve information newest sabotage equipment in person.

As with previous NFS games, there's a massive focus on customisation, although newest are no loot boxes influencing it this time. Need for Speed has had a rocky road online current gen hardware.

Developer Ghost Games has delivered some decent efforts, but while the likes of Rivals and Need for Speed were fun but a little forgettable, Payback's scale and customisation were lost to a heavy-handed microtransaction system. Gamrs represents an attempt by the studio and EA to turn online franchise's reputation around with a return to the street pc games need download for speed of Underground without NFS's awkward FMV sequences with the notable absence of any loot newest. The result is a confident street racing game all about completing races at break neck speeds and competing in drift competitions.

There's plenty of references to the classic trilogy and some of the movies throughout Respawn's games canonical video game. While Battlefront II's short single-player campaign was serviceable - and even had some really creative moments - it wasn't the grand single-player affair fans were crying out for. While those games were very much influenced by corridor shooters of the '90s, Respawn's own addition to the SW universe - Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order - finds itself shaped by the biggest franchises of today.

There's a healthy dose of Dark Souls in there, with a big dollop of Uncharted for good games. Bbest a Jedi padawan attempting to survive in the wake of Order 66, new hero Cal Kastis must travel the galaxy and help preserve what's left of the order. While there's no option to lean towards the Dark Side in the way you could with Jedi Knight, but there's plenty of opportunity to learn new Force skills best enhance everything from telekinesis to freezing enemies games blaster fire.

There are multiple planets to explore, each with secret areas and shortcuts that reveal themselves through repeat visits. And yes, gamrs games feels brilliant, offering a weighty sense of feedback as you parry, dodge and cauterise your enemies. The sheer level of depth to how best can approach each quest - ranging from dialogue to stealth and hacking - gives The Outer Worlds players real agency.

Obsidian continues to cement itself as one of the most innovative studios in RPGs, with everything from grand turn-based RPGs to one of the most popular entries in the modern games of Fallout.

Its latest offering, The Outer Worlds, has learned plenty of lessons from Fallout: New Vegas, delivering a deep and rewarding RPG experience that's just as comfortable with reams of dialogue and questlines as it is with gunplay and combat tactics.

It plays very much like a Fallout game, online weapons to collect, upgrade and repair, enemies to target a time dilation mechanic serving as TOW's VATS systembut with very few bugs and some really great writing which see you travelling to multiple planets and ships across the galaxy it plays more like a cross between Mass Effect, Borderlands and The Elder Scrolls.

It's one of the best games of the year, and games worth an addition to your library. The latest Call of Duty has arrived, bringing with it the return of original developer Online Ward and a re-imagining of the sub-brand that put it and COD on the map - Modern Warfare. And there's plenty to be excited about. A new engine brings a more nesest and visceral feel to weapons and movement in multiplayer, while the return of story mode offers best new take on the world of contemporary shadow warfare with some added Captain Price, onlihe.

Special Ops rounds out the package, serving up a co-op experience all about completing objectives on a large map with a squad newest fellow players.

Zombies read more has needed a time out me 2 games online years, so offering up a new PvE experience makes total sense for the newest. The season pass and overly expensive DLC packs have also been dropped in favour of free map and content roll outs. You can play in co-op or play in solo where you newesst switch between all three characters and their unique skills.

Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince carries on that same formula with a choice of three different characters - Amadeus the Wizard, Pontius the Knight, and Zoya the Thief - each with their own unique abilities and skill tree upgrades.

As with previous instalments, expect plenty of side-scrolling platforming and environmental puzzles that require all three characters to work together to progress. You can play solo, or jump into a local or online party, so there's a play style to online even the most social of players.

The combat system has also been been a makeover, making its many boss fights far more enjoyable and a lot more challenging! Each character plays very different from the next, online learning how best to utilise each one is a key part online Trine 4's calling card.

While GRID lacks the speed of its predecessors, it does offer some incredibly detailed car models and tracks. Codemasters has given its GRID series - which saw GRID Autosport re-released on Nintendo Switch earlier this year - a soft reboot of sorts on consoles and PC, offering up a mixture of arcade controls, realistic physics and enough real world cars to make the biggest of petrol heads happy.

F1 racing legend Fernando Alonso has served as a race consultant for the game, and even has his very neest mode, full of challenges and disciplines handpicked from his own career.

Complete races and you can take on the man himself!


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Despite going down with publisher THQ all those years ago, the Darksiders franchise refuses to go quietly into the night.

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