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By Kerr


Categories Discussions. March 9, AM. March 10, AM. Did most of the assignments and missions but this game is just boring and sucks. Just watch jackfrag gooe about this online. He basically says the same thing. Why put something out like that instead of fixing all the problems we have already in the game.

Tides of war is a waste of time and hate it bunch of dumb assignments. Enjoy bf5 everyone. No longer a fan of battlefield. March 11, Sqys edited March March 11, PM. FYI no one cares if people battlefiled playing, cause the ones that continue to play do so cause they enjoy it.

March 12, AM. I care, because I've often considered leaving and I'm weighting up this broken mess which has moments of fun. March 13, PM. This web page 22, AM.

Me too just uninstalled the game is getting worse with every patch. Nerfed every bit of fun out of the game lb bomb may aswell be a games bomb lmfao. The dev team havent got the slighted idea how batylefield balance this game they really and truly havent got a clue.

Its not surprising when you actually nattlefield the team working on it,the majority of the devs are about 14 years old and im not even joking. Adding needless effects nobody asked for and as for firestorm nobody asked for that either it looks bland and boring asf and i have no doubt what says ever that the hype for that will die in less than a week and people games for reading online be crying about it being boring and things being OP as usual.

BFV is sadly a steaming pile of caca. I play less battlefield battleffield each week. I'm down to getting the TOW assignment to good the unlock.

Battlefield my friends list ,which was built from playing BF games, there only two people playing. I played the other BF good from release until the next game release I have no interest in firestorm type games so that won't bring me back.

Side note with all the price lowering shortly after release and the lack luster content I won't preorder anothe BF. This game changed the way I look at the franchise. March 22, Good edited March The amount of times I've uninstalled this game, then find myself coming back. March 22, PM. I loved BF3, and BF4. I disliked the direction they went with BF1, but it was still good game. I have to say though, BF5 has fallen well short of my expectations, and I've been struggling to enjoy it.

Bugs and other technical problems aside, I bames don't know what they're trying to do with the game. Nor this "Live Service" that I keep reading about. It just seems like a fat pile of nothing to me. As a Battlefield player, I want new maps, new guns, different factions.

All I've got tood look forward to at the moment is a Battle Royale mode. This game is still in gams library but Other battlefkeld have tickled my fancy - Titanfall2 is my current tipple.

March 23, AM. Oh and why are my tanks so slow? March 23, PM. I was very disappointed with the performance of this game at release, I played it through tides of war then put it down. A game is not fun when it makes says frustrated. I figured let the developers work on games for a few months to work out the issues. I finally picked it up again yesterday god it seems nothing has changed. The game is a little more stable, but all the bugs remain.

It is what it is March 24, PM. Well this good like the thread games post my feedback. Visually the game looks amazing, but the complete lack of contrast between terrain and players promotes camping and makes for a much slower game. Gamed, the new lower ttk works great in smaller modes but makes larger game modes rage inducing, you can be beamed from almost battlefield with no chance to escape or respond.

Maps are too big especially in smaller modes, they made domination and conquest walking simulators. Vehicles, mostly gxmes too slow across the battlefield, flying is especially boring, whoever spots you first wins because dogfighting says any interesting mechanics. Light tanks are fun though.

Weird aim assist on ba rifles needs to go. Sign In or Register to comment. Howdy, Stranger! It looks like you're new here. If you battlrfield to get involved, click says of games buttons! Sign Bartlefield Register.


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(Quote) I like to read peoples views good and bad. battlefield games that are fun not like battlefield v a game this was released half made I have to say though, BF5 has fallen well short of my expectations, and I've been. Aiborne82 said: Change my mind. Why should we try to change your mind if you like the game. Good for you. Many here.

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I did want to try watch dogs, but everyone was saying this game was bad. Battlefield has never I had a good time playing this game Battlefield 4. I enjoyed the. Aiborne82 said: Change my mind. Why should we try to change your mind if you like the game. Good for you. Many here. DICE's Live Service Director (say what?) said ''Launching a game with too "TL;​DR; One of the best Battlefield games when it comes to on-line.
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